Your Opportunity is Now!

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Win at the student-athlete recruiting game!

Recruiting & Scholarships for University Athletics

The Recruiting Academy represents a system that provides student-athletes the necessary education of the recruiting process to take full advantage of their opportunity. Parents, teachers, counsellors and coaches all play important roles as the process unfolds so it is important that they become well versed in the rules of the recruiting game.

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PLAY the sport you Love!

There is nothing else like playing the sport you love at a high level of competition with life long friends and a coach or coaches that have your best interest at heart. The emphasis here is pn PLAYING go to a place where you have a chance to play. The experience and benefit is far greater when you PLAY!

Get your EDUCATION paid!

Scholarships, grants, bursaries, financial aid! Athletic scholarships are great but there are many other funding sources that student-athletes can tap into to ensure they are maximizing their scholarship opportunities.

The process enhances LIFE SKILLS!

The process that a student-athlete goes through on their way to making a University decision is a life decision. During this time so much is learned by the student-athlete, about themselves and how others view them, team dynamics, educational priorities, who their friends are?

It can be overwhelming, confusing and frustrating!

However, if we can prepare and appreciate the process it can be a highlight.

FREE 20 Minute Coaching Call

Coach Dino will provide some initial guidance and answer questions related to the university recruiting process. In addition, an early assessment is made on the reality and commitment necessary to pursue a post secondary opportunity. Click here to request your FREE 20 minute consultation!