“I have always felt that the years as a student-athlete are the best in one’s life. I enjoyed my experience so much that I have always remained close to those years as a coach and leader in the sports community. I am always excited to hear of another student-athlete embarking on a university career.

So… it is this thinking that has led me to the Recruiting Academy. I have taken my years of experience as a coach, recruiter and leader in providing a support system that will enable young student-athletes to maximize their growth & development.”

After coaching University football for 21 years and taking on roles  as Academic Coordinator, compliance liaison, athletic department admission liaison as well as recruiting across Canada and the United States. A total of 17 years at Simon Fraser University (NAIA, CIS, NCAA) & 4 years at the University of British Columbia (CIS). Taking on a role developing players and coaches at the provincial and national level meant I was no longer directly connected to a University. Now as an unbiased source it opened the door for many to ask questions about the recruiting process. Some friends asked me to do a brief presentation for some student-athletes and their parents and it was at that time after fielding many questions that I realized that student-athletes know very little about the recruiting process and even worse in many cases they are hanging on to myths or flat out incorrect information.

So it was to just about providing information but a system that would help all those involved with the recruiting process take full advantage of this life long decision for the student-athlete.

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Coach Dino with former NHLer Dean Malkoc, currently a scout for the Boston Bruins. Has some great insights into the hockey opportunities, NCAA hockey and what scouts are looking for in young players


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Coach Dino with former student-athletes turned pro Casey Chin on the left and Ante Milanovic-Litre on the right. Both now provide incredible insight to young athletes on keys to following your dreams by working hard and persevere.

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