Teachers, Principals, Counselors

The leaders in a school can have a great impact on a student-athlete’s transition to University by the very nature of what they do.  I have met few school leaders who will not help students achieve goals, however, the student-athlete needs to drive and demonstrate the commitment and pursuit on a daily basis as these leaders are also experts in detecting inconsistencies in your behaviour. For example; you say and express a need to improve your grades yet you consistently skip out and are late to classes…..if this is your pattern, do not expect the help you need!

Student-athletes need to demonstrate a deep concern for their grades regardless of what they are. It is not only about achieving the minimal standard, but about achieving higher grades that open the door to greater scholarship or academic funding opportunities.

The educators in as school are a great resource for young student-athletes! Share experiences, the path, the work, the accomplishment and the passion (it does not need to be sport or athletically based).

Key Areas for Student-athletes to be proactive:

  • Ask if there are things that can be done to improve your grade.
  • Offer to redo assignments, papers, tests or exams.
  • Request that a larger percentage of your grade be placed on future assignments, tests or items that you feel you will perform better on.
  • Ask if there are specific topics you should focus on.


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