The “Recruiting Game” Presentation

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Learn the inside scoop on college recruiting. The world today with social media and internet enables an opportunity for student-athletes to be recruited across the country and across borders. It has become highly competitive but opportunistic for the student-athlete if they familiarize themselves with the recruiting game. The process can be overwhelming for the high school athlete who is pulled in several directions the process can add stress to an already busy student-athlete schedule. However, by taking the proper steps you can take control of your own path and enjoy the process. Scholarships, support, resources and more can be tapped into as you build your path for the future. Coach Dino will present strategies and a process that will build your plan for recruiting, including your personal profile, a strong video that will maximize exposure to the places you want to go. Student-athletes and their families will come to appreciate the opportunity. The process also becomes a development stage that will be used again and again throughout the transitions and changes in life.